Basic module (appearance)

Basic module (appearance)

Basic module (interior view)

Basic module (interior view)

Modular system solutions for residential towns:

  1. Quick implementation of the investment, thanks to knowledge and experience, will ensure safe living conditions for all users.
  2. Universal character, which makes it possible to arrange any space according to current needs.
  3. A functional solution that can be adapted to individual needs.
  4. Educational infrastructure that provides education and development of children in comfortable and safe conditions.
  5. Ability to quickly expand objects, change location or destination.

Modular residential town for 352 people

The residential crisis center is designed for temporary accommodation of 352 people with the necessary infrastructure. It is built from container-type modules in the amount of 135 collapsible modules.

The total number of modules is 135 pcs, including:

  • residential module for 4 people - 88 pcs.
  • sanitary and technical module - 19 pcs.
  • social-administrative module - 28 pcs.

The cost of residential crisis center

The total cost of the residential crisis center depends on the technical specification and requirements of the customer regarding the materials used for the production of the modules and the equipment of the modules, the cost of transportation and installation.

Manufacturer's warranty

The warranty period for the module is 12 months, the warranty period for the equipment is based on the guarantees of the equipment manufacturers.

The manufacturer provides guarantees, provided that the module is used and transported as intended, as established in the Instructions for Use and maintenance rules for the container-type mobile home.

Main technical characteristics of the module


external: 6058×2438×2500 mm

internal height: 2300 mm

Module frame

• container steel construction in the EXC2 class according to PN EN 1090-1, made of cold-bended profiles, jones by welding according to PN EN ISO 3834-2. The product have CE marking;

• steel frame abrasive blast cleaned to Sa 2.5 according to PN EN ISO 8501-1 in a closed blasting chamber, spray-painted in a spray booth and dried in a cabin-dryed;

• transport handles (according to ISO standards) located in the corners;

• possibility of stacking up to three floors.


Layered roof:

• 0.55 mm steel galvanized sheet;

• 12 mm chipboard;

• 100 mm mineral wool, U=0.36 W/m²K;

• vapour barrier made of polyethylene film;


Interchangeable composite panels:

• wooden framework;

• from the outside, 0.55 mm trapezoidal sheet, galvanized, painted RAL 7035;

• 60 mm mineral wool insulation, U=0.57 W/m²K;

• polyethylene film;

• on the inside 12 mm laminated board, white.


Steel single-door, white, dimensions: 900×2000 mm thermally insulated, equipped with a look, lock cylinder + 3 keys, signboards, doorhandles.


• PVC, tilt-turn, white;

• insulated glass units with U=1.1 W/m²K;

• external blind.

Electrical system

• electrical system, concealed (covered);

• 8MOD circuit breaker panel (swithhgear);

• power system: 230 V sockets;

• lighing system: fluorescent luminaries, IP65 protection class with 2×36W lamps;

• external connection of the installation based on a 5×32A socket and power plug;

• earthing of the container frame by means od a wire fastened with an M10 screw.


Convector electric heater.

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