Three modular towns for immigrants have already been opened in Lviv

In Lviv, the construction of the third modular town for Ukrainians fleeing the war has been completed. It is noted that 94 houses have been installed in the town, which was deployed in Sikhiv, and people are already living in them. Currently, about 300 people live there.

In the third modular town, unlike the first, a mobile kitchen is provided, where residents will be able not only to heat up food, but also to prepare it themselves. Sports and children's playgrounds were also arranged here.

All modular houses manufactured by Modylar Systems (Poland) are a gift to the territorial community from the Government of the Republic of Poland with the assistance of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine. The city provides the town with all communal services, ensures its maintenance, beautification and protection of public order.


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