The number of migrants in Ukraine is growing

Six months after the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, the number of internally displaced persons rose to 6.9 million. This is evidenced by the data of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as of August 23.

Experts note that the wave of migration continues. At this time, people continue to leave the Donetsk region, after the government announced mandatory evacuation from those regions where it is impossible to guarantee a warm winter.

At the same time, the IOM noted that many people found themselves in a difficult financial situation. According to the organization, about 44% of IDPs do not receive salaries.

They also noted that the lack of money has forced many families to significantly reduce their spending to the level of austerity. And some of the settlers had to take out a loan just to survive.

Experts predict that for at least a fifth of the displaced persons, the upcoming winter will be very difficult, as 22% of the displaced persons among the respondents noted that their housing is not suitable for winter realities in Ukraine. Many people do not have the opportunity to look for better housing, and another part of the IDPs found themselves far from hospitals, as they found shelter in villages far from civilization.

It is reported that about 60% of displaced persons, returnees, and those who remained near their homes are in need of additional cash assistance.

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