Modular towns for temporary residence of refugees are being built in Borodyanka

In Borodyanka, at the expense of the Polish government, modular towns are being built for temporary housing of refugees from modular buildings produced by the company Modular System (Poland).

In the Kyiv region, many Ukrainians were left homeless as a result of the war. Borodyanka is one of the cities that suffered the most, where about 1,000 residential buildings were damaged and destroyed.

The Kyiv regional administration reports that the installation of a modular town has already begun in Borodyanka. It will consist of 4 complexes, each of which includes 22 residential modules. There will also be modules with a kitchen, shower, toilet and other necessary technical and household facilities.

It is noted that the town is located on the territory of the local stadium and is designed for temporary residence of at least 350 people.

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