Modular town to be constructed near Kyiv in Vorzel for those who lost housing due to war

In Vorzel, in the Kyiv region, 2-storey houses will be erected, in which those who lost their own houses and apartments during the Russian aggression will be resettled. This was reported in the press service of the Buchansk City Council.

The modular city will appear in Vorzel on a site along Klenovaya Street on communal property lands. It will consist of two residential blocks and a separate yard for "experimental work". On the ground floor of the complex, co-working zones will be equipped, where the residents of the complex can work or study, and living quarters will be equipped on the second floor.

They plan to build houses quite quickly - in just 100 days. After that, 15 families will receive the keys to new buildings. They will stay there for free.

As noted in the publication of the City Council, it will be comfortable housing "even in winter." And they promise to build the town in compliance with all environmental and building codes.

The city council stressed that the town will accept residents only temporarily, and when it "finishes fulfilling its role," it will be dismantled and transported to where it will be needed.

The city council did not say how they would form the lists of families who would receive temporary housing here, but they promised to talk about the mechanism later.

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