International Day of Charity

On this day, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Charity. Its establishment emphasizes the importance of philanthropy and volunteerism, as well as drawing attention to the human problems caused by humanitarian crises.

The poor and related problems exist in all countries of the world, regardless of the level of their economic, social and cultural development. In all countries of the world there are people with physical disabilities, orphans, homeless women, those who are in dire need of help from other members of society - more prosperous and more successful. Any timely help often saves human life.

Philanthropists conduct their activities in the field of health care, education, and contribute to the development of culture and science.

The traditions of philanthropy continue even now. The culture of charity is gradually growing in Ukrainian society. Let's remember that each of us can become a benefactor by supporting socially important projects with hryvnias or volunteer help.

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