In the Rivne region, a town will be deployed in places of humanitarian crises

This was reported in Rivne Region Administration.

"Towns in the zone will be able to become a refuge in critical situations. Such help is provided by the Swedish government. Today, together with People's Deputy Dmytro Solomchuk, we met with representatives of the Swedish Agency for Civil Situations (MSB). They will train our rescuers to quickly deploy and, if necessary, move mobile  houses," the message says.

Such structures have the possibility of heating and electricity supply, as well as insulation.  They are waterproof and have a fireproof coating.  The houses are equipped with folding beds, mattresses, thermal blankets.  Their area is 17 square meters.

In total, Ukraine will receive 4,000 such houses, of which the first 500 will be installed in the Rivne region.

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