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The Charitable Orgainization "Charitable Foundation Refugee Assistance" together with the Charitable Organization "Charitable Fund "For Luhansk" with the Sumy, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk regional state and military administrations, as well as with the modular building manufacturer Modular Systems (Poland) and an authorized partner company LLC "Partner-VS" (Ukraine), which carries out installation and maintenance of such towns, initiated the charity project "HOPE TOWNS" to place mobile modular towns on the territory of Ukraine for the purpose of housing Ukrainian citizens who were left without housing and forced refugees as a result of an aggressive russian invasion attack.

One standard town, complying with the 4th edition of the UNHCR - the UN standard on the conditions of accommodation of refugees, consists of residential, administrative, social and sanitary modules, equipped with the necessary furniture, as well as equipped with power supply systems, lighting, electric heating, ventilation, electric water heating, with water and sewage connection points, intended for temporary accommodation of 352 people.

Charitable Foundation Refugee Assistance

Charitable Organization "Charitable Foundation Refugee Assistance" sees its mission as:

  • prevention of natural and man-made disasters and elimination of their consequences, assistance to victims of disasters, armed conflicts and accidents, as well as refugees and persons in difficult life circumstances;
  • custody and care, legal representation and legal assistance to refugees and persons in difficult life circumstances;
  • social protection, social security, social services and poverty alleviation;
  • protection of human and citizen rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • development of territorial communities of Ukraine;
  • development of Ukraine's international cooperation;
  • stimulating the economic growth and development of the economy of Ukraine and its individual regions and increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine;
  • promoting the implementation of state, regional, local and international programs aimed at improving the socio-economic situation in Ukraine.

Finland supports Ukraine in many ways

Winter is coming and people who have lost their homes in the war need help.

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From now on, 352 people who lost their homes as a result of terrorist aggression will find shelter in Vasylkiv near Kyiv

The modular town was created thanks to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Government Agency of Strategic Reserves - in cooperation with the Ministry of Regions.

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The Ministry of Communities and Territories Development announced the construction of another 13 modular camps

to temporarily accommodate 5,000 citizens whose homes were destroyed or completely destroyed due to the war.

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The EU will allocate 175 million euros to support internally displaced persons

The EU will allocate 175 million euros to support internally displaced persons and Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as help with the deployment of shelters for Ukrainians during the winter.

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CFRA received the status of partner of UNHCR

We are glad to announce that the "Charitable Foundation Refugee Assistance", which implements the “HOPE TOWNS” project, has become an official partner of the UN Refugee Agency.

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For people who lost their homes due to hostilities, 11 modular towns for temporary living have already been opened

Minister of Community and Territorial Development Oleksiy Chernyshov announced this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine - Ukrinform.

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Values of modular construction

  • Fields of application

Arrangement of temporary accommodation

Construction of administrative and service and social buildings

Equipment for sanitary and household areas

Organization of storage facilities

  • Benefits

Mobility, speed and ease of installation

Long service life and demi-seasonal nature of the building

Modern production standards and high quality

Modularity allows you to adjust the configuration to your needs